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New exhibition space in Garden City to exhibit paintings and showcase music performance and installation art.

Casey Hallas
Casey's Corner

The Oneness

I was thinking about how to describe the connection we have with each other – Oneness – how our minds can jump around the world and through history to connect to each other. Didn’t know how else to describe it, when you don’t draw lines using identity to exclude people from the scope of your connection. We’re different as individuals and groups, and that’s great too, but Oneness connects us. Some are focused on the difference, I try to embrace the Oneness – to imagine a world where our basic needs are met – it’s more important for me to pursue defining what that is and to help create it for others than pursuing individual wealth. We are safer educating each other and making each other safe than continuing to pursue separation using fear.

I see myself connected more to the poor, working people of the world – showing the wealthy what it’s like to be loving/tolerant may actually do a lot more than shouting them down. If my work has spirit in it, the spirit may be able to inspire change there too…the Oneness, collectively, can bring the change (it may be the ONLY way) but if I could inspire one or a few of the people with power to affect change immediately – it’s more diplomatic for me to be soft.