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The Flagstaff Folk Festival takes place on June 28th and 29th, 2014 at the Coconino Center for the Arts and Arizona Historical Society Pioneer Museum, and proudly showcases the best in folk and acoustic music in Arizona and beyond. For more info go to or call (928)-606-2064.

Casey's Corner

Color is a Whore

Five feet above you
And coming to the stores,
Color is a whore.

The librarian is old,
Our books are getting warm;
Color is a whore.

I must be a monster,
Like my mother said;
Color is a whore.

Like her father was,
Boats floating in a bottle;
Color is a whore.

Girl she sees the colors,
Colors when I see;
Girls she see the colors,
Colors when I sing.

Marching bands are bored;
Swords swallowing a sword.
Color is a whore.

I’m playing with the Dead,
Will retire when I’m ahead
Color is a whore.

I must be a monster
Like my mother says;
Color is a whore.

Like her father was,
Boats floating in a bottle.
Color is a whore.


Hello – welcome to my website.

Here you can get to know more about me through my artwork.

I write poems and sing songs. I DJ and make electronic music. I paint pictures, take photographs, and mix original video art as a VJ.

For my “real job” I am the US Production and Artwork Manager for Big Image Systems USA. I work from home and travel to US cities and Europe.

I hope to create more music, fine art and writing – this website documents my journey in the truth I seek.

Feel free to contact me with letters, feelings, questions or show ideas. I’d like to be in your gallery or performance space.