Casey Hallas Art

NEXT: opening in Garden City, ID

New exhibition space in Garden City to exhibit paintings and showcase music performance and installation art.

Casey Hallas
Casey's Corner

The Birth of Madness

I woke up this, so many like
When I was told, by my dear mom
That her divorce was not my fault
Oh no my dear, I realize, you broke my heart
And tore apart the thing that made me
Good, and beautiful, your pride requires
Service to pain, but I won’t ask
For you to hold me, or give me comfort
I only hold you to your task
Defined as female, a mother’s role
To hold her child and know its soul
You failed me, mine, a generation
You’re not the thing you claim to be
The keeper of humanity
Instead, greed just as men you say
Who hold you down to keep you weak.

Delusions of Illusions of Grandeur