Order the 12 oz. New York medium rare – sitting at a table
A seat opens at the bar, between a Pueblo and a long-bearded burnout
And thankfully my favorite bartender is about – a tall slender man
and I mean slender. The burnout has that acid drawl, and he’s looking
For a game to watch on television.

We settle on the little league world series, Iowa -vs- Whoever, Whoever
Takes a quick 5 run lead in the 1st this burnout, I ask, lives in Asia half
The year – between China and Pakistan he says, and I say, what would that
be, and he says, Tibet and I say, yeah that makes sense.

The Buddha is from India you know.

Yes, I know. I say you have a house there, and he says no, all they do is fuck
you I stay in a hotel. 12,000 feet. And it’s closed off to travel 7 months of the year.

This Pueblo, he’s a ladies man – I got lots of girls in the
twenties no younger than 24 no older than 28. I say, mine was 23,
that must have been the problem. He likes to talk, but he speaks quietly
So I strain to hear him – half nonsense since I can’t perceive. He has 2
homes and a horse, likes to take the girls for a ride – Meat and Potatoes
Tits are the Meat and the ass is the Potatoes, if I got that straight.
I tell him I was sitting here last night thinking about all the weight
I’m carrying, and he says you’ve got to be positive – I’m trying
He says you’re putting out the wrong hormones when you’re down.
I say – I moved here with my girl and she left, and I say, but I’m
trying to decide if I should stay, depends on who I meet
Where do you meet all these girls?

The Internet

Well, that is not my style really – we buy each other drinks. Brown Ale
and Whisky Sours for me, and an IPA for him. Soon a single woman sits
to my right. I glance, she’s OK. Some man, a real jerk says the Pueblo
Strikes up a conversation with her they go on about where they
Went to camp out east, and her favorite football team, she describes
the offensive line in detail. 3 kids, yes, count me out –
I turn and look in her eyes.

Now, the Rattle Snake man mosies in, and he’s doing the
Rattlesnake dance – he puts them in a bucket, and takes them down the
road all the while banging on the bucket not too close, mind you cause that’s
Where he hikes. He says, “If you want to get rid of them
You gotta change the habitat.”

I say, “Where do you find them?”

Under the bags, beneath the trailer. What’s in the bags I say, old winter coats?
No, he says, these are bags of money…and he’s rattlesnake dancing again.

The funky bluesman comes in, and I say – I’m really digging your stuff.
And he says do you play, and I say well, not like you – FOLK – and he
Says what’s your name – Casey – well maybe I’ll call you up later
to play a song – He’s doing this all on acoustic guitar. My man.

That steak was good.

One Foot in the Universe

Bumpy road to write upon,
Highway stretches on and on.
All the clouds that show the rain;
At the side of the road, a blood stain.
Broken yellow line for passing,
Concrete highway everlasting.

Sometimes you get by,
Sometimes you get by,
Sometimes you get by,
Sometimes you get by.

Headlight, taillight, line of cars;
Road a mess of cracks and tar.
Sign and times and leafless trees;
Toils and tolls and petty fees.

Sometimes you get by,
Sometimes you get by,
Sometimes you get by,
Sometimes you get by.

Rain is falling up ahead;
Plowed the fields from east to west.
Oh the sound of falling water;
On the road to see my father.

Sometimes you get by,
Sometimes you get by,
Sometimes you get by,
Sometimes you get by.

We stripped the world of earth and wood;
We cut the rock, we cut the lathe.
You take the bad, you take the good;
You take them both and there you have.

One foot in the universe,
One foot, one;
One foot in the universe,
One foot, one;

Sometimes you get by,
Sometimes you get by,
Sometimes you get by,
Sometimes you get by.