Casey Hallas Art

The Oneness

I was thinking about how to describe the connection we have with each other – Oneness – how our minds can jump around the world and through history to connect to each other. Didn’t know how else to describe it, when you don’t draw lines using identity to exclude people from the scope of your connection. We’re different as individuals and groups, and that’s great too, but Oneness connects us. Some are focused on the difference, I try to embrace the Oneness – to imagine a world where our basic needs are met – it’s more important for me to pursue defining what that is and to help create it for others than pursuing individual wealth. We are safer educating each other and making each other safe than continuing to pursue separation using fear.

I was thinking about Oneness and thought, except those rich white greedy assholes and Republicans.

I see myself connected more to the poor, working people of the world – showing the wealthy what it’s like to be loving/tolerant may actually do a lot more than shouting them down. If my work has spirit in it, the spirit may be able to inspire change there too…the Oneness, collectively, can bring the change (it may be the ONLY way) but if I could inspire one or a few of the people with power to affect change immediately – it’s more diplomatic for me to be soft.

I experienced poverty and near homelessness in the process of becoming a painter. I understand the difficulties people face trying to survive. People living in poverty are not immoral – they’re faced with such harsh realities they are often just driven to crime because they lack opportunity, but it’s not without honor or love. A greater immorality is creating these conditions – I grew up believing in a better world.

The reality shown on TV, white racism and promoting divisions between each other is one of the oldest tricks in the book. There is another reality, one in which we’re different but accept each other. These divisions are purposefully stoked to distract us from how power is abused – people feel powerless, they don’t vote, further contributing to the abuse of power. The answer is optimism, positivity, working together to show the other reality, giving people more opportunity to connect to each other, learn about each other and experience love. Staying divided and generalizing only serves the purpose of the powerful. America is the greatest place on earth to demonstrate both diversity and acceptance.

The acceptance must show up – to give shape to the power we have to affect change – and to show the group of people who believe in the hegemony of white christianity it isn’t America for everyone else – how most of us are immigrants, and to show how the abuse they are practicing (which has worked so well) is used. It’s been used against even me. That’s to show everyone, from white Americans like myself, to the rest of America who see it when it’s happening, how to challenge it and how to use Democracy and the Constitution to protect each other.

It’s both unchristian and unconstitutional to behave this way.

We’ve got to be strong enough to agree on what society we want to create and a collective morality that works for everyone – independent of religion. The greatness of America is that it has every type of person imaginable, from every country, from every religion. We are all citizens and we are all guaranteed protection by the constitution – that IS the vision of our country. It’s time for us to work together to protect it – and to challenge those who believe otherwise, that THEY don’t belong here. I think there are more who agree to the vision than don’t – most people want to be good and believe in justice. They just don’t see the truth. Trump has empowered the ignorant to expose themselves…that is used to stoke fear of the other.

This is a Reform Movement, centrist even. Consensual Reform instead of Revolution.

You choose to be a part of the Oneness by loving everyone. You can also choose to be separate. Belief is a tool abused by power. We can create our own beliefs by dismissing irrational fear as a basis for critical thought – we must. Otherwise derision will always control the faithful and it will be used for the poor to destroy each other – I believe in a different world.

The pervasive feeling of powerlessness, disinterest in the political process, and the feeling of being overwhelmed and divided is challenged by turning off the television, getting off social media and talking to each other directly in society. The Revolution Will Not be Televised. Live music is fertile ground for it – encouraging support for independent producers and working artists who struggle to make a living in any way possible, even offering kind words of support. We do it because of our spirits and because we love creating and experiencing culture. If you’re only supporting media and music in popular culture – you’re supporting corporate control – you’re actively empowering lobbyists to buy political favor who vote for MORE control. It’s gone too far. The mechanism is exposed, right out in the open. If you WANT to change it, be a part of the change. We’ve got to show people HOW – they never learned – the YOUTH.

We can change our world by changing our economic choices – instead of buying from corporations – let’s connect independent businesses together and work together to boycott the lobbyists. Use this instead of that. Lead people to authority who demonstrate wisdom, teach its history and how to protect it. Support businesses that offer opportunities to convicts so they can land on their feet. Don’t let the push-button moral issues and finger-pointing distract you from the larger moral concern of excessive wealth. It’s got to be a network. Let’s support businesses that use ecological practice and transparency, who pay living wages and offer health care, not ones who use manufacturing processes that exploit workers or abuse civil rights. We can’t be swayed or manipulated by the media to make these choices. We have to choose, protect ourselves from abuse and stay the course. If we can, corporations will lose their power and be forced to change.

They had their chance. They took it too far, it’s time to Turn Away. Turn Away from them and toward each other. We know what they’re doing, talk about that game so that the game is exposed every time it happens. We need to elect individuals dedicated to our vision of America – who don’t accept bribes, will work to undo laws and practices that give corporations too much power, and challenge the budget, because 55% of it is used for military spending. Oversight of THAT is also in the Constitution and conveniently ignored.

Our ability to create media is the truth of our moment. We now have the same power that was used to create this inequality. We need to: 1) Continue to expose the abuses of power and injustice that happened and continued to happen (Inform) 2) Come together with a vision for the future, best practices and beliefs (Define) 3) Give power to the actions we need to create the change for those already informed (Execute). This happens in the privacy of our own homes, in the market and at the polls.

Doing as we’re told is only making it worse. It’s too effective. The wealth hasn’t trickled down. It’s destroying everything, manipulating everything, hurting everyone, and working in collusion with religion while controlling ideology through fear. We need a common front as our weapon to prevent more war, so we don’t tear each other apart. The change has to come from within our country. We have to show the rest of the world that we now see the truth, to give us time to resolve it, and that we need to work together to boycott the abusers. They are operating without our consent.

If we don’t provide a new economic model BEFORE we boycott, the loss of jobs will only lead to civil unrest and right back into the established model…”we told you so.” That’s the problem with revolution. Something new must be ready to replace the old BEFORE the change can begin. Once it starts the real battle begins, ideological control. That too must be protected from abuse, once and for all.

People have faith, they just have faith in the wrong thing. They need to believe in something new, something that truly loves them. Then, we’ll really start separating ourselves – good from evil, right from wrong – love from fear. It isn’t so absolute, however, I think the majority of people are trying to be good. They’re misinformed about how to do that – it’s been happening for thousands of years. Good will always be challenged, be ready to protect each other, don’t back down. Evil always has a counterpoint that it tries to control.

We ARE at peace. Every day we go to bed without destroying each other. We have ENOUGH – a gift from the Great Mystery. What is unbalanced is how it’s controlled and shared. Seeking the balance will give more opportunity for continued peace, if the greedy won’t protect life, we need to protect ourselves from greed. It’s sad to think humanity believes it doesn’t have the power to protect itself FROM itself, that self-destruction isn’t preventable, or that the solution to our problem is to leave the earth. The answer must come from inside ourselves.

A Metaphor for Salvation

Salvation is the fun you have in line for the Death Show. The show starts forever and the line is the entire world. Having a ticket is a fact of life.

Don’t listen to people who claim to know about the show – nobody who makes it there makes it back. Explore life while you can – the end will come.

You may realize you forgot something, you may make a mistake. It’s OK. People standing in judgement are waiting it out – it’s a long wait without joy. People who aren’t sharing think they own the show – they don’t. Nobody has a better seat there.

We’re all in the line together. Help the people around you find what they need to enjoy it and you’ll start to see who’s ready.

The show is always starting.